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Range Visit!

Went to the range Friday night with a couple folks from work.  We all shot using an LCR, Sig 2022, HK USP, Smith and Wesson semi-auto, Sig 1911, Springfield XDm, Henry Carbine in .22lr, and a Marlin 39a.

Congrats to Jon and Tanya who shot the best by far.  The 5-7-10 challenge winners were a tie between them and myself, but they out-shot me the rest of the night.  Bill was only a couple points behind.


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Today in History

In 1836, Samuel Colt received an American patent for the Colt revolver.  In Arizona today, lawmakers consider making the Colt Single Action Army revolver the official handgun of the state.  Anti-gun bigots wet themselves, assuming it will turn the state into the Wild West.

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Motorcycle Carry

Carrying a firearm on a motorcycle

It’s not as difficult as you’d think.

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The Long Shot

WWII Sniper shows that with modern equipment, he hasn’t lost his touch at all.  1000 yards, 3 for 3.  All head shots.  I should hope to be that good now, let alone at 83 years old.

via Of Arms and the Law.

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Beware of Buyers…

The old saying of “buyer beware”, can also be viewed as “beware of buyer”, when it comes to people who review an item, yet had no clue what they purchased in the first place!

I just had to share this product. It is neat (though it is only 8 oz, you do have to hand wash, and it is not microwave safe) but what grabbed me was an idiotic comment. Some (liberal) moron bought it not realizing it had a gun-trigger (yet that is the main feature).. so that person gave a bad rating simply because they do not like guns, and sadly too stupid to look at the obvious image that was offered. Wow!

An idiotic product comment:

I thought the mug SAID “Kill Time” on it. However, it turned out to be perfect for my brother-in-law, who is a member of NRA and works as a civilian for the Army. I would never get it for anyone else, since I despise guns.

I wonder if guns despise that idiot?

Check out Uncommon Goods if you want to buy this Kill-Time Mug (again note it is small, hand wash & not microwave friendly) but it is cute.. might make a nice (mini) planter or pencil cup!

See also: They also offer Bullet pens… (which compliments) a really cool revolver pen holder … and another revolver cylinder pen holder. Plus a bomb vase, automatic gun vase, or a single automatic wall vase.

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Me and a buddy ran up to the Bass Pro on Saturday night.  He had to pick up some new fishing gear and look at boat motors, so i gave him company for the ride.  After we looked at the gun counter for a bit, he went downstairs to start filling a basket with lures, and I was waiting for a guy behind the counter to wrap up with a couple in their 50s or early 60s asking questions so I could pick up the new LCR sight they had for a good price.

The couple was asking about concealed carry licenses and some of the rules.  This is one of those situations where the guy behind the gun counter may not be the best person to ask, but he’s hopefully going to be a good point of contact.  Listening to the sales guy, he said nothing wrong, but also didn’t clearly say what needed to be said, but seemed to mostly confuse the couple but not terribly so.

They wrapped up and started browsing the aisle, so I was able to quickly make my purchase and move on.  While looking at something they came around and were looking at something next to me and smiled at me, so I said hi.  I then told them that I had overheard their conversation about concealed carry and could give them a few tips.  They have never really shot guns before except very recently, and also have recently retired and plan on traveling the country by RV and motorcycle.

My advice was to ask friends in their area who have guns who they recommend for a class.  And when they call around, talk to the instructor about their experience level and if they can get a class that teaches firearm skills in addition to concealed carry issues.

In this state, the requirement is that you take one of several types of courses, many of which you won’t handle a gun at all.  And that’s perfectly OK.  I would be pretty annoyed to have taken my class about concealed carry, which is a legal issue, and spend 1/2 of the time standing around on a range to shoot 10 rounds after spending 2 hours learning how to load a pistol.  So my class I chose was a couple hours of the legal issues where the stated assumption was that you are an experienced enough shooter and are familiar with firearm safety.  But in the good spirit of capitalism, other courses cover that and firearms handling, for higher cost and more time invested.

So for these folks they should have no problem finding a course that meets their needs.  The guy behind the counter talked about having to go to the sheriff’s office only at certain times of day to be processed for the permit and things like that.  But each county is handled differently here, so I told them to focus on finding that right instructor, and he’s going to be able to walk them through everything they need to know for their county.

Finally about their travel requirements.  Each state has different laws, and each state can honor the permits of other states or not.  So I recommended a book like the Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States or Gun Laws of America.

I made sure to be friendly and concise, and that all their questions can be answered by the instructor, since that’s his role in the process.  I liked when the wife’s eyes widened a little bit when she came to the realization that I was probably carrying right there in front of them, because she then smiled.  If they lived near me and the shooting range I go to, I would have invited them shooting with me.  That’s the kind of ambassador to the shooting sports I like to be.  I’ll take just about anyone with me to the range and let them shoot my guns, just to see the smile on their face.

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Checking the state forum for locals selling their firearms to see what might be worth picking up.  I do get a little frustrated when someone highly overvalues what they’re selling.

In this particular case, it’s a Smith and Wesson Sigma in 9mm.  Common gun, mostly because new it sells for 300$ and under.  For a while they were even offering a 50$ rebate, or spare magazines for that price.  It’s decent enough, known for having a rough trigger.  But as a utility gun, it’s a great deal.  My boss has one in .40S&W for when he goes hunting for protection.

So the ad has one listed, with over 500 rounds through it, “with extras.”   The extras are basically what looks like a nylon shoulder holster, and 250 rounds of 9mm FMJ rounds.  That’s about 50 bucks.  The ad is listed for 400$.  Of course, it’s “like new” when it should say “well broken in.”  It’s not self defense ammo or anything special.  The whole package if it has truly been taken care of should sell for about 325$.

I won’t link to the ad here, it’s kind of unimportant.  Some guns do go up in value after purchase.  I recall seeing Colts on Gunbroker going for absurd prices.  But your basic polymer handguns like this, well, no.

Oh, and one final thing.  It does depend on the state, but here a bill of sale is not required.  Lots of ads basically say “If you smell like you live in this state and tell me you’re not a felon and bring cash, you got a deal.”  That’s exaggerating a bit, but as a seller you’re required to know that they live in the state, so looking at a drivers license to verify the state and the photo match is all you need to do.  A glance at a state concealed carry license is even better.  A bill of sale just isn’t necessary, even though internet lawyers and word of mouth may make you think that if you sell a gun without one the cops will trace a bullet (which doesn’t happen) to your old gun from 10 years ago and arrest you.  That’s just CSI, not reality.  But as a seller of private property, you’re free to state in the ad that you require one, that’s capitalism.  But this ad even screwed that up, by the way the seller phrased his requirement for a bill of sale, where even if the price was good I wouldn’t buy the weapon.

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