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The Before and After

Just got the Colt Government 380 back from getting refinished.  There was a good bit of pitting along with light to medium rust over a lot of it.  There’s only so much a refinish job can fix, but in this case, I think it’s made a huge improvement.  The coating is Norrell Moly Resin, and it looks great.  B&P Tactical Services in Colorado did the work, quickly, for a great price, and most importantly, just a wonderful job.

Here’s a before and after picture, clearly showing how much of an improvement.

Colt Moly Resin refinish

You can see how the rusting has been taken care of completely, and the matte black finish actually helps the appearance of the pitting. 

The Moly Resin finish is strong, baked on, and has built in lubricating properties.  One thing I really like is that I get a better grip on the gun, for pulling back the slide, or even just holding it.

Colt Moly Resin refinishColt Moly Resin refinish

Details matter:  The overall refinish wasn’t just the re-coating, but also a polish of the hammer and removing rust, nicks, and burrs from the crown of the barrel.

Next on the agenda, finding a perfect holster.


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