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Been Awhile…

It has been awhile, and speaking of a while I just watched an old Family Ties episode. How easy it is to forget how painfully liberal that show was. The episode I just saw was on guns. I think it was a great episode for any one who is pro-guns to watch and understand those who fear guns.

The cute factor was when they went to the sporting store to buy one, at the counter was an adorable little old woman knitting. When they asked her in their sheepish way about getting a gun, she asks do you want to make a nick or blow them away, the couple had that look of horror, but they said a nick will do . The old lady then asked what level of nick (that ranged up to a canyon), they confirmed the smaller nick would be fine and add that they explained they are hardcore pacificists.   The old lady asks, so when were you robbed? They are surprised and ask how she knew, the old lady shows them a gun and said this is what most of our pacifists who have been robbed prefer.

When they have contact with the gun, it is in the most awkward manner, they look horrified as though the gun will take control and go on a shooting spree. When they get home they are sitting on their bed with the gun between them staring at it, looking like it might do a trick. They decide to put the gun in one drawer, bullets in another, and forget it exists. First they show the kids where it is, but tell them never to touch it. So the whole family is in a form of terror.

That portion definitely is what I see with most people who fear guns, they did not go to a range to learn how to use it, they did not take any gun safety classes that would have put them at ease, and then they should have educated their children about the gun, handling and safety.

This is what I always find fascinating, liberals are often “intellectuals” but they are also tragically ignorant. Proof in their attitude about guns, proof in liberal shows like Family Ties, proof in the perfect example that episode offered in how they acted and handled the gun.

The show ends with them hearing a sound, and thinking they are being broken into again, so when they go to check things out, did they grab the gun.. no they grabbed a tennis racket. They decided to return the gun, because instead of being educated about it they prefer to live in ignorance & fear.

This is fine, I prefer that someone ignorant of guns to not own one.. and I wish them well batting a burglar with a tennis racket, or hoping the attacker will sit around a camp fire and sing  peace songs with them… Good luck with that.


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