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Yup, I’ve been reloading my own ammo. Back in December, just before the mad rush on, well, everything. I was lucky enough to place a few big orders for primers, powder, and bullets in time.
I know I should have bought the Dillon press, but price was a factor, so I got the Hornady AP Lock and Load. Overall the press works great, I’ve cranked out several thousands of rounds of .380acp, 9mm, 38 special, and .45acp.
Timing on the press is weird. The theory is, you *shouldn’t* have to mess with the pawl adjustments, and if you do, it should only have to be the slightest of turns. Well, my press has never been adjusted correctly. I guess at first it was, but after a couple hundred rounds, I noticed that the shell plate went too far or not far enough to seat the primer. And the shellplate “jumped” to the next position often, leading to powder spillage.
To fix the jumping issue, a few small felt pads on under the plate gave a little friction to keep the shellplate moving smoothly. Works pretty well, even on the short .380 brass. The timing issue however, I finally figured out. It seems the adjustment screw is a little loose, I finally put a small mark on the screw and the press, and sure enough, every hundred or so rounds, it’s moved about a 16th of a turn. I don’t want to loctite it, in case I need to adjust it for real. Might get some teflon tape to put on it, but for now, every time I load another 100 primers, I check the adjustment and just line it up to my marks.
Hope these two tips help. I read the forums and have seen others with these kinds of issues, never with a good solution. I’m going to send the press back to Hornady once I get a chance, and now it’s good I have a reason for what is happening. I’d hate to send it off, they crank on the handle 20-30 times and don’t see the issue and send it back.


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