Yup, I’ve been reloading my own ammo. Back in December, just before the mad rush on, well, everything. I was lucky enough to place a few big orders for primers, powder, and bullets in time.
I know I should have bought the Dillon press, but price was a factor, so I got the Hornady AP Lock and Load. Overall the press works great, I’ve cranked out several thousands of rounds of .380acp, 9mm, 38 special, and .45acp.
Timing on the press is weird. The theory is, you *shouldn’t* have to mess with the pawl adjustments, and if you do, it should only have to be the slightest of turns. Well, my press has never been adjusted correctly. I guess at first it was, but after a couple hundred rounds, I noticed that the shell plate went too far or not far enough to seat the primer. And the shellplate “jumped” to the next position often, leading to powder spillage.
To fix the jumping issue, a few small felt pads on under the plate gave a little friction to keep the shellplate moving smoothly. Works pretty well, even on the short .380 brass. The timing issue however, I finally figured out. It seems the adjustment screw is a little loose, I finally put a small mark on the screw and the press, and sure enough, every hundred or so rounds, it’s moved about a 16th of a turn. I don’t want to loctite it, in case I need to adjust it for real. Might get some teflon tape to put on it, but for now, every time I load another 100 primers, I check the adjustment and just line it up to my marks.
Hope these two tips help. I read the forums and have seen others with these kinds of issues, never with a good solution. I’m going to send the press back to Hornady once I get a chance, and now it’s good I have a reason for what is happening. I’d hate to send it off, they crank on the handle 20-30 times and don’t see the issue and send it back.


Been Awhile…

It has been awhile, and speaking of a while I just watched an old Family Ties episode. How easy it is to forget how painfully liberal that show was. The episode I just saw was on guns. I think it was a great episode for any one who is pro-guns to watch and understand those who fear guns.

The cute factor was when they went to the sporting store to buy one, at the counter was an adorable little old woman knitting. When they asked her in their sheepish way about getting a gun, she asks do you want to make a nick or blow them away, the couple had that look of horror, but they said a nick will do . The old lady then asked what level of nick (that ranged up to a canyon), they confirmed the smaller nick would be fine and add that they explained they are hardcore pacificists.   The old lady asks, so when were you robbed? They are surprised and ask how she knew, the old lady shows them a gun and said this is what most of our pacifists who have been robbed prefer.

When they have contact with the gun, it is in the most awkward manner, they look horrified as though the gun will take control and go on a shooting spree. When they get home they are sitting on their bed with the gun between them staring at it, looking like it might do a trick. They decide to put the gun in one drawer, bullets in another, and forget it exists. First they show the kids where it is, but tell them never to touch it. So the whole family is in a form of terror.

That portion definitely is what I see with most people who fear guns, they did not go to a range to learn how to use it, they did not take any gun safety classes that would have put them at ease, and then they should have educated their children about the gun, handling and safety.

This is what I always find fascinating, liberals are often “intellectuals” but they are also tragically ignorant. Proof in their attitude about guns, proof in liberal shows like Family Ties, proof in the perfect example that episode offered in how they acted and handled the gun.

The show ends with them hearing a sound, and thinking they are being broken into again, so when they go to check things out, did they grab the gun.. no they grabbed a tennis racket. They decided to return the gun, because instead of being educated about it they prefer to live in ignorance & fear.

This is fine, I prefer that someone ignorant of guns to not own one.. and I wish them well batting a burglar with a tennis racket, or hoping the attacker will sit around a camp fire and sing  peace songs with them… Good luck with that.

New Boomswitch

Just replaced the trigger on the Colt.  The Govt 380 and Mustang triggers don’t work quite the same way as the 1911 cousins, this was a bit more complicated.  But the Cylinder and Slide Aluminum trigger went in without too much hassle, you just need to make sure you have 3 or 4 hands to do the job.

For A Good Time

Gotta love this stuff.

Obama’s “Fast & Furious“, it should be no surprise that it was designed to support Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

The  typical liberal battle cry, “guns kill people” they are still singing the same ole’ tune.

The government is working on framing the gun shops who the gov’t forced the sale of the very same weapon. Sounds a lot like the gov’t attack on lenders for the foreclosure crisis, when the gov’t forced banks to offer loans regardless of ability to pay. Just like the gov’t is also forcing extended periods of a year or more of no payment,( due to unemployment). While that is a whole other topic, it does reinforce the gov’t ignorance and abuse of power.

The Before and After

Just got the Colt Government 380 back from getting refinished.  There was a good bit of pitting along with light to medium rust over a lot of it.  There’s only so much a refinish job can fix, but in this case, I think it’s made a huge improvement.  The coating is Norrell Moly Resin, and it looks great.  B&P Tactical Services in Colorado did the work, quickly, for a great price, and most importantly, just a wonderful job.

Here’s a before and after picture, clearly showing how much of an improvement.

Colt Moly Resin refinish

You can see how the rusting has been taken care of completely, and the matte black finish actually helps the appearance of the pitting. 

The Moly Resin finish is strong, baked on, and has built in lubricating properties.  One thing I really like is that I get a better grip on the gun, for pulling back the slide, or even just holding it.

Colt Moly Resin refinishColt Moly Resin refinish

Details matter:  The overall refinish wasn’t just the re-coating, but also a polish of the hammer and removing rust, nicks, and burrs from the crown of the barrel.

Next on the agenda, finding a perfect holster.

An article from PittsburghLive talking about the big NRA annual convention, and women. The writer mentions that the conventions are and have been flooded with men, yet the writer is perplexed since it has been said there has been a huge increase in female members in the NRA. So he wonders “Where da’ women at?”…

The writer is trying to figure where the NRA is overlooking when it comes to women. Yet the writer seems to think ALL woman live for day-spas, carry purses filled with cosmetics, and in general their world is centered around a tube of lipstick. The writer seems to think the lack of women gun-owners is just not fashionable (for the women). Apparently he is surveying on the most superficial women he can find.

A highlighted point in that ridiculous little article:

Though gun sales to females increased significantly in recent years, Piendl said, “Sales to women remain the largest untapped growth market in the industry.”

So what is the problem in arming women? Go to a gun store, any gun store, and you will have your answer. Very seldom will you see someone who actually has a clue about customer service, sure they might know guns, but if you can not get them to burp up a syllable, how on earth would you know this? Ok another example, think of a person who really knows computers, I mean really knows them..and is good with them, now have them sell anything computer related. The world would still be using a typewriter. Personality is a HUGE part of sales, any type of sales. And sadly (most) gun shops seem to not think of that as a hiring requirement.

When I have gone to gun shows, you have a variety of gun-shops at your finger tips. There can be around 50 or more booths, and perhaps 5 will actually interact with me. The rest seems burdened by your (the customer’s) existence.

So why don’t women go to those conventions? Ok sure maybe the NRA is not marketing them properly to female members, but that does not mean they have no increased (female) membership. It just means they there may just not offer a proper draw for women to attend the conventions. Honestly I have no interest, I do not like crowds and I can not imagine what on earth a convention would or could offer me. Naturally I am curious..

NRA 2011 Convention.

  • Pyramyd Air: Try the latest models of air rifles, air pistols, air silhouette rifles and 10-meter running game target rifles!
  • Antiquest Guns & Gold: You’ll learn the historical significance, meaning of marks and symbols and whether you have a gem or not.
  • Banquet. (for an additional  fee)
  • Seminar: on rights & laws.
  • Workshop: on rights & laws
  • Exhibit hall: displays of guns, and such. (basically the same as local gun-shows).
  • Gun Raffle.
  • Ted Nugent Seminar

Ok the ONE cool thing is the Ted Nugent seminar, but well it is a seminar, and it is only on one day of this 4-6 day event.

All in all.. it really is not offering much, unless a person is a die-hard NRA member, who enjoys the chaos and boredom that a convention can offer. So why don’t more women attend? Why would they? For that matter, Why do so many men attend?

So, not attending an NRA convention is not a pro-fashion protest. It is avoiding something painfully boring. Perhaps women just prefer to enjoy their gun, and don’t require such an event to express that enjoyment?

Another part is the political focus of the event, and perhaps women do not feel the need to attend crowds of people preaching to the choir about our rights and laws. How does chanting your support or opposition to laws, to people who agree, help? Perhaps gathering to find a way to educate those who are against what you are supporting will merit some promise, but if I shout in a mirror.. I just don’t see that as beneficial.